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Associate Professor 
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Z. H. Sikder University of Science & Technology
Modhupur, Kartikpur, Bhedorgonj, Shariatpur 8024


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Undergraduate Courses:

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  • Associate Professor (AI, Machine Learning, Research Methods), Computer Science & Engineering, Sikdar University of Science & Technology, Shariyatpur, Bangladesh.
  • Assistant Professor of Data Science & Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI, Royal University of Bhutan, 01 February 2022 – 31 January 2024.
  • Energy transition policy consultant, a project of ActionAid (a UK based international NGO) on Sustainable Energy Transition Policy for building energy sector green and sustainable.
  • Assistant Professor, former head of the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Sylhet Intl. University, Bangladesh, 2007-2018.
  • Research Engineer (Energy Mapping, Carbon Footprint & Capture, Machine Learning application), Space Research Center (GISTDA), Chonburi/Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Researcher (Energy, Environment and Big Data Analytics), climate and wind data analysis, prediction, wind turbine noise, RS/GIS applications in wind energy, wind farm design and optimization, wind energy laboratory, KNU, South Korea, 2017.
  • Researcher (Cartography, energy & meteorological system analysis, supercomputer simulations of weather data model (retrospective wind data)), Thaksin University, Thailand, 2016.
  • Principal, Eden Garden College, Sylhet -3100, Bangladesh, 2018.
  • Vice Principal, Ambassador, A British national curriculum institute, Chittagong, Bangladesh, a venture of EduAid Limited, London, UK.
  • Principal, STEMAYS, a new philosophy British curriculum school (nursery-IGCSE), Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh, 2019.
  • Co-founder, School of Joy (a special school for the children having Autism), Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh.


  • BSc ENGINEERING, Computer Science & Engineering. Khulna University
  • MASTER OF ENGINEERING, Renewable Energy Engineering.
  • MASTER OF ENGINEERING, Industrial Engineering & Management.
  • DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY, Energy Technology & Policy.           

Reading and writing books, singing & composing song, stage performance, driving, traveling (adventure), program presentation on stage (anchor), playing piano, ukulele, tennis, table tennis, badminton (university champion, both in Bangladesh & Bhutan).

  1. Rizal, G., Sharma, P.R., Thinley, S., Subba, B., Chilaka, V.K. and Islam, K.D., 2022. Energy Analysis and the Determination of the Resonant Frequency of a Custom-Designed Scientific Oscillating Body. Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology28(3), pp.39-48,, ISSN: 2462-1943.

  2. Islam, K.D., Theppaya, T., Ali, F., Waewsak, J., Suepa, T., Taweekun, J., Titseesang, T. and Techato, K., 2021. Wind energy analysis in the coastal region of bangladesh. Energies14(18), p.5628.
  3. Islam, K.D., Taweekun, J. and Theppaya, T., 2020. Investigation of small wind turbine noise as per IEC 61400-11 and AWEA 9.1 standard. Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, 74(2), pp.183-195.

  4. Islam, K.D., Chaichana, T., Dussadee, N. and Intaniwet, A., 2017. Statistical distribution and energy estimation of the wind speed at Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh. Journal of Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology12(1), pp.77-88.

  • The Principal Voice (Education)
  • A Scheme of TQM Implementation: Academic Institutions Perspective, Germany, 2015
  • Dween (Translation of three books). Kaaler Jatree (Prose), Kaykobaad (Biography), The Deccan Tourer (Travelogue), The Scent of Saint Martin’s (Travelogue/environment), Voice from the Waste Land, Otiprobondho (Article and speech), Schizophrenic (Prose), Felani and the State’s Audacity (Poetry), The Champion of Bangla (Poetry), Kaalratrir Kobita (Poetry), The Elephant Man (Translation), Shishuparker Chor (Translation, Juvenile), The Legend of the Black Sea (Translation, Juvenile), Poetry of Alexander Pushkin (Translation), Bacha Tomar Jonyo (Juvenile).
  • Vehicle Control Engineering using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Aerospace Engineering Laboratory, Kunsan National University, South Korea.
  • Renewable Energy System Analysis with HOMER Pro, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Kunsan national University, South Korea, 2017.
  • Investigation on Environment & pollution through particle matter, Chulalonkorn University & Imperial College London, UK.
  • Basic WindPRO 3.2 and Advanced WindPRO 3.2, EMD International, Alborg, Denmark.
  • Total Physical Interaction (TPI) in teaching/learning, Hyderabad, India.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning towards current and future big data analytics, Aldwin Sumalabe, IBM-Philippines, Manila, the Philippines.  
  • International Diploma in Islamic Theology, International Open University, 2018.
  • Three national and international trainings on Autism (teaching, training, behavior & child psychology, Bangladesh.
  • Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, Unsupervised Learning, Research Methodology.
  • Energy Technology, Energy Transition Policy, Energy Mapping, Green & Sustainable Energy. Sustainable Dev.
  • Education Management & Policy, Child Education, Sustainable & Green Education